About US

Melissa Lauren

I am on a mission to change the world by giving people new idea presence, online marketing, technical knowledge & skills they need to do the work they love and to live their most authentic, most successful, most giving, and most fulfilled lives.

I believe the world will be a much better place if people are able to do the work that makes them live each day feeling passionate, enthusiastic, happy, and fulfilled!

A rarity in the online marketing world, I am a web designer, developer & an SEO Analyst who came from the strategic side of development. My education & career are rooted in online marketing strategy and in development processes (Search Engine Optimization & online marketing, plus the strategic integration of the two) and have evolved to include web design, graphic design, web programming, web development, social media, and Word press featured theme integration.

I have designed & developed successful projects for a variety of individuals & organizations – from small local businesses & nonprofits to large international companies.

I aspire to be well-known professionally as a successful SEO Analyst, entrepreneur, marketer, business visionary, writer and web developer to help thousands of people realize their entrepreneurial & lifestyle dreams along the way.

E-mail:  marhawyatt@gmail.com