Healthy Kids with Goji berries juice

Goji berries juice
Goji berries juice

Raising and keeping your children healthy is not an undemanding job. Colds, flu and other contagious diseases more often increase with lightning speed and children tend to be the most vulnerable. Different from adults, young children may not have been exposed to many common germs. Their immune systems may not have had the chance to develop resistance to infection.

TV commercials try to sway kids to choose fast foods, high-fat snacks, high-sugar drinks and cereals. This type of diet cannot keep your children healthy. To the contrary, it actually curbs the immune system and amplifies the risk of disease. The accustomed modern diet is also largely responsible for the recent epidemic of childhood obesity. You’ve seen the headlines saying that more than half of American adults are obese. Turns out the problem isn’t confined to adults. More and more children are overweight, too. Fortunately, the trend doesn’t have to continue.

Children who are overweight are likely to become overweight adults. They may develop type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and other illnesses that can follow them into adulthood. Overweight children can also suffer from stress, sadness and low self-esteem.

Eating well and being physically active are keys to your child’s well-being. The fusion of a healthy diet and regular exercise will not only help to keep them well when they’re young, but will also develop their resistance to disease and screen them later in life.

Enforce regular sleep to your children. Irregular sleep diminishes activity of natural killer cells, a key immune function. Parents should help their children plan schedules that permit eight to ten hours of sleep per night.
Daytime relaxation can produce important health benefits to children of any age.. A period of quiet, focused relaxation each day relieves anxiety, improves nighttime sleep and stimulates immune function.

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