Tips to Relieve Your Child’s ADHD Symptoms

Tips to Relieve Your Child's ADHD Symptoms
Tips to Relieve Your Child’s ADHD Symptoms

When you think of your child having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, do you automatically think of a lifetime of your child popping pills?

Medication isn’t always the answer to treating ADHD, a neurobehavioral disorder that causes problems with attention, impulsivity and overactivity, according to the National Resource Center on AD/HD. In fact, experts say that using medication to treat the chronic disorder that affects between 3 percent and 7 percent of school-age children is not necessary in all cases.

However, what is necessary – whether your child is on medication or not – is using other elements to control the effects of ADHD. The following tips can help your child become more successful in aspects of life, such as school and peer relationships, that are impaired by the condition:

* Create a daily schedule. Since organization is often a problem for children with ADHD, the National Institute of Mental Health recommends keeping your child on a routine. Post the schedule in your child’s room or other area in the house and try to make schedule changes far in advance.

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